Being an Ethical Leader in a Chaotic World

download (14)The word ethical has a few different meanings, for this article, I am going with this meaning (taken from  Acting in ways consistent with what society and individuals typically think are good values.  Clearly with this definition, the base of ethical leadership will vary in meaning from Country to Country.  Where ever you live, ethical is ethical, and you either are that leader or you are not.  The funny twist about being a true ethical leader is that there is no middle area.  You can not be a “sort of” ethical leader.  You either do the right thing or you don’t.  Not when it is convenient for you, always!  It is never too late to become an ethical leader, you simply need to be consistent from this point forth and earn that title.  I repeat, it is never too late!  

How hard is it to be an ethical leader?  Look around you, how many do you know?  Government an ethical role model (I know it’s an oxymoron)?  Nope!  Television shows a good role model?  Nope!  Media news, ethical…heck no! 3 out of 5 bosses a good role model?  Probably not!  6 out of 10 of your neighbor’s good role models?  Maybe not!  Church a good role model?  Depends…I will skip away from this one!  Ethical leaders stand out because the world we have allowed is consumed with the acceptance of unethical leadership!  It has become the “norm” and “expected” that the leaders are corrupt.  So what do you do when the places you would assume to be the leader of ethical behavior are truly unethical to the core (this is worldwide, no matter where you are, you are dealing with this issue.  WE all deal with this issue!)  The answer is you become the ethical leader that you are searching for.  Be the ethical leader that others can follow with pride and trust.  Whatever chaos is erupting around us, it is our responsibility to be ethical regardless of others.  

Are ethics something that we can write on paper and assume people will automatically live this way?  If you are unsure about that answer, ask a lawyer, some make a very large living on businesses behaving unethically.  We see it all the time in the work place.  When new employees come aboard, they have to sign paper after paper that goes on about the strict ethics that are upheld in this company and that they agree to abide by them.  How many people actually read these papers?  How many hiring managers make sure that the new employee fully understands what they are signing?  Not many!  More than not, you hear the hiring manager say, “this is just the harassment policy, same as any other company.”  Let me tell you what, most businesses have you sign these papers to protect them from lawsuits, not so much for the ethical culture!  Of course, there are many amazingly ethical businesses that make it their priority to maintain an ethical culture!  

What are some words that people use to describe an ethical leader?



 What are some words that people use to describe unethical leaders?



What are the benefits of being an ethical leader?


 Why isn’t every leader ethical, seems like the right choice, doesn’t it?  


If given the opportunity to be a leader, choose to be ethical, this world has enough evil and unethical people in it, specifically leaders!  Do the right thing, even if it causes a bit of pain.   Pain never outlasts guilt!  Be the leader that you set out to be, never waiver from the ethical behavior that you know is right!

What are some words that you would use to describe ethical leaders or unethical leaders?  Please share your insight in comment box.

Make it a great day or not, the choice is YOURS!

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