10 Simple Ways to Make Your Goals a Reality

Having goals and achieving them are very different. I will go on a ledge and say that everybody has goals, dreams, and desires. Have you ever wondered why other people are achieving their goals while you are not? I have! The answer is super simple, may cause an internal pain (sure did for me), however, the answer is that they are taking the right actions and you are not! Achieving your goals will take time, passion, determination, and dedication.

I believe everybody has something special about them, something beautiful. That being said, I do not believe that everybody has the desire to actually put the effort into achieving their goals. The fact is that most people stay in their comfort zone for their entire lives, which if that makes them happy then, great! Most people have a quick trigger finger to quit, most people do not take the time to listen, learn, nor take actions. Excuses are easier and have way less risk attached (or so they may see it that way). Like I said, that is most people, not all! The real question is, are you most people? I am not talking about who you were yesterday, I mean today are you ready to achieve goals? If yes, please continue reading. If no, hey, the world needs you too!

Personal goals and career goals are one in the same. It is all about you, the stronger more determined you are personally, the more successful you will be in your career. It all starts with you and it does not get more personal than that! From personal experience as well as what I have learned from others, I have found real tips that have and do help me, as well as many other people achieve their goals. If you read my blogs (thank you if you answered yes), you know I am not that gentle, well some of these tips aren’t too gentle either…but they are effective!

Define your goals to the simplest form

It is much easier to actually achieve a goal when you have a clear understanding of it. Break it down into a few steps and once the steps are complete, so is this particular goal. This will also help you understand your whys even better than you do now. When you know your why’s and have a goal broken down…watch out world, here you come!

Don’t repeat failures

How many times a day to you read how wonderful it is and you are for failing? This drives me insane! Failing sucks, period. If you are wise, you will find the lessons and where you dropped the ball out of your failure. If you repeat the same steps then you missed the lesson. I am a big fan of taking risks, doing new things…but if you fail, it is because you did not put your 100% in, it should make you feel like crap, not hold yourself up on a some champion chair. Again, I repeat if you fail, and I have many times, make sure you learn and grow from it. This is the only way a failure is beneficial to your future successes. Pick yourself up, listen, learn, begin again but this time take the right actions and you will succeed.

Be a high priority

This is from experience, women seem to have a harder time making themselves a high priority. Men typically have absolutely no problem with this issue. I had it broken down to me like this, “If you want to be the best you that you can be for your loved one’s then woman, you need to make yourself the priority!” I did not get it at first. I felt selfish, conceited… you know, all the labels that we allow ourselves to fall under. It wasn’t until I put myself as a high priority that I understood what this meant. I was excited, happy, eager, determined, following through…I was awesome for my loved one’s to be around! When you make yourself a high priority, you are giving yourself the opportunity to make your goals a reality! If you consider yourself anything less than a high priority, print this blog out and save it for when you are truly ready!

Never think you know it all

Fastest way to dissolve a goal is to think that you know it all. The moment you make yourself unavailable to learning you also close off growth. You may know something but I promise you that you don’t know it all. There is always something that you can learn, if not, your goal is not big enough!

Get out of the box

It is easy to keep within the safety of box like thinking and box like actions. Easy yes, productive…not too much. Creating a nice balance of safety and outside the norm thinking and actions will get your goals going in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to do something new, just do it. If it doesn’t work out you can always get back into your box!

Put the pedal to the metal

GIVE IT 100%. For once, just give it everything you have. Spare nothing! Put the time in, the learning, the listening, the re-doing, the calling, the research, the blogging, the social media, the YouTube, Facebook, the money…give it the best shot you got. This is your goal and you need to make it a reality!

Remove the word “try” from your vocabulary (when talking about goals)

When people say they will try to do something, what they are saying is that they will halfway put effort but the option to fail is always there for the taking. YUK! Switch the word try with the word do! Now you are cooking with peanut oil! Stop wearing your life vest when you aren’t even near water. Stop trying and start doing. Without this habit, you will not turn your goals into a reality. Aren’t you sick of halfway doing things? Dive in and do it!

Stop making excuses and start making Results

How many goals have you laid to rest, unfulfilled, left in the grey matter…because you made excuses instead of making results? Enough is enough! Excuses are useless and complete production killers. Do the work, get results…BOOM! You don’t need me to tell you that, you already know it. For one day (24 hours), really listen to yourself and when an excuse pops up, shove it away and get to moving forward. When the 24 hours is up, do it for another 24, and so on and so forth. Excuses are for people that enjoy mediocrity, not for people like you! Get the results you want by putting in the work it requires.

Be positive, have gratitude, and enjoy

If you are not a positive and joyful person on the journey to turning your goals into reality, why would you think you will be after? If this goal means that much to you, you will make sure that you remain positive even when it would be easy to become negative. Make sure that you never miss a day of being joyful and grateful for this journey. This is your goal, your life…this is your achievement! Having a positive attitude will make it a lot easier to be faithfully grateful, as well as truly enjoying all the fall backs and achievements!

Have faith in yourself

You and only you truly know why these are your goals. Whatever you have done or not done in your past, is in your past. Use the lessons you were given and have faith that you are capable, worthy, strong enough, and absolutely deserving of achieving what you set out to achieve! It does not matter if other’s have faith in you, it solely matters that you do! Today is a brand new day, a clean slate to begin again. The faith you put into yourself will be the leader of how other people see you. Do not let a setback remove your faith, simply have faith that it was placed in your journey to make you grow. Faith is faith, it is unwavering!

If you took the time to read my blog, it is because it somehow applies to something you relate with. I have been up, down, and side to side with failure, success, excuses, lack of gratitude, thinking I know it all… I have been there…and now I am here! You are amazingly awesome, get out and show the world! #Inspiration #Professionalwomen #Businessadvice

If you are somebody that has achieved a goal or somebody that is struggling to achieve a goal, share in the comment section. If you would like to add advice, please do so!

Make it a great day or not, the choice is YOURS!

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As a Professional Coach – my passion and strength is enabling others to achieve Results beyond what they believed possible. As the CEO and Founder of Trifecta Executive Coaching, based out of beautiful Texas, my expertise is in Transformational Coaching, Confidence building, Morale/Team Building, Sales Motivation, and Customer Service Excellence. My goal is to have my client’s results speak louder and clear!

It is my belief that we can all make the choice of living a Positive, Exceptional life – both personally and professionally, and I invite you to contact me to discuss how my Individual or Group Coaching Programs can help you, or how I can add value to your Event or Conference with a Keynote Presentation, Workshop or Seminar…

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