Being a Player in The Recruiting Game

Werelookingforsomeone... (1)Whether you are a person seeking a career, a company searching for an employee, or a Recruiter trying to fill the needs of your clients by fulfilling the needs of a candidate and matching the two together, we are all players in the recruiting game!  Just like any other game, there are moves that you can strategically make that will bring you closer to winning, and of course some will take you all the way back to start.  

I have been in the recruiting industry for a while now and know what has worked well and what has not.  I have had clients that trust my judgment with such high regards that if I say it is a good candidate, there is a 99% chance that this person is being hired.  In fact, the only way these companies will hire them is if they are referred through me.  Other clients will not make a decision without seeing 3-5 candidates, no matter how qualified the previous 1-2 are.  Then there are the candidates…this is where the plethora of personalities come into play!  Some candidates are amazing in the way that they follow my expert advice, while others have their own agendas.  I have had a few candidates that I took the time to coach and when it came time for their interview, they low balled themselves and talked their way directly out of being hired, and basically made me look like a babbling idiot!  The recruiting game can be a beautiful journey for all, you just have to be willing to be a player.

There are things that each party can do that will make the process run smoothly and end with a trifecta of satisfaction.  The client is happy, the candidate is happy, and the recruiter is happy.  

Things the client should do:

  • Respond quickly to the resumes that are sent – Taking your time to respond is more than likely going to result in the candidate being approached by other recruiters/companies.  A quick response gives you a great shot at hiring top talent.
  • Make fair offers –  Recruiters find top talent and top talent demand top pay.  You hire recruiters because we find the people that you can’t.  It is a shame when you lose them due to low balling.  
  • Let the Recruiter do their job – There is a reason that you hired a recruiter, do not get in the way of the process.  You trusted them enough to hire them, trust enough in the process as well.  
  • Be realistic – Contrary to what some believe recruiters can’t actual “create” the perfect candidate.  We can search and find great candidates but we are working with humans, which means skills and qualifications vary greatly.  Sometimes it takes some time to find the perfect candidates.  Be patient and know that it is being worked on.  If we could make the perfect candidate, I promise you, we would!
  • Be available to conduct interviews – It is naive to think that a candidate will sit around for two weeks to finally get an interview with you.  Let your recruiter know in advance what your availability is for the current week and the following week, this way the recruiter can set it up with the candidate, avoiding the five call interview set up.
  • Pull the trigger – When you interview a candidate that you truly feel is a great fit and the candidate feels likewise, pull the trigger… make an offer!  The longer you wait, the more likely we will lose the candidate. 

Things the candidate should do:

  • Be coachable –  Trust your recruiter or get another one.  A good recruiter will know the client, what the culture of the company is, key words that the client is looking for from the candidate, what the salary range is… Don’t fight it, appreciate and learn from it!  We want you to get the position or you would not be going to the interview.
  • Be quick to respond – When the recruiter asks something from you, i.e.; references, project samples/pictures…do your best to get it to them quickly.  They aren’t making a collage, they are asking for this because the client asked them for it.  When an offer is made, make a decision within 24 hours at the most.  Just like for the client, if you snooze, you are likely to lose the opportunity.
  • Be realistic – Because you are working with a recruiter does not mean you will be paid $150K for a $110K position.  You will get minimally the going rate but you must be realistic.  Nobody wants you to make more money than a recruiter! 
  • Be grateful – Yes, recruiters make money off of the transaction but not a penny comes from you!  Recruiters go to bat for you and get you into excellent career fits with the best intentions in mind for you.  The best recruiters actually care about you, show them the same respect.  Tell them thank you.  You probably have no idea how hard and emotionally vested many recruiters get about their candidates.  
  • Be honest from the jump – Be completely honest about your skills and what you desire.  It is a complete blow to the back of the head when a client calls and says that the candidate that we highly recommended truly does not know jack about this industry.  Let the recruiter know what you are an expert in, what you have experience with, and what you would like to learn about the industry.  Keep it on level and the process will go smoothly.

Things the Recruiter should do:

  • Ask the right questions – So many recruiters drop the ball here.  Ask the questions that get the exact, direct answers to whether or not your client and candidate are a supreme fit.  You need to know what both the candidate and client are truly looking for, what the salary range is, what is most important to both, time frames of desired hire…  Do not be afraid or shy to ask the questions.  It will save time for everybody involved.  Remember, it is our job to eliminate the candidates that are not great matches.
  • Follow through – When you give the client or the candidate a time frame, make sure that you stick to it.  Both parties need to know that you are trustworthy and a person of your word.  Even if you do not have any answers, call and let them know that you do not have any answers yet but will let them know asap.
  • Be grateful – You are one in a million recruiters, I am sure you are special, however, there are many recruiters that your client and candidate could choose from.  Let both parties know that you appreciate them.  Say thank you!  Keep in mind, without them, you would be unemployed!
  • Be honest – Do not promise the client that you will find the end all be all of candidates within the next 24 hours when everybody knows that takes at least 48 hours!  Seriously, do not promise anything more than giving them your best.  We are working with humans, this is completely unpredictable.  Be honest with the candidates.  Do not tell them that you are sending them to a castle for them to only find out that you meant Burger King!  Be on level in every single aspect.  Tell them what it is, what the client is expecting, and why you feel they are a great match.  Sooner or later you will have to put your money where your mouth is, may as well make sure it is honest from the jump.
  • Be professional – I have seen way too many recruiters fly off the handle because they allowed the stress to get the best of them.  You need to keep your cool with both the candidate and the client.  Of course they both can be very frustrating, but…these are the people that make you money!  Always be professional, when they are out of ear shot or sight, then you can have a mini fit!

When Recruiters, Companies, and Candidates all work well together it is a beautiful thing!  Simply play the game (doesn’t mean you have to follow all the rules) just means you have to do what is necessary for the results to be positive!  Each one of the groups (Recruiters, Candidates, and Clients) will all benefit the greatest by being on the same team!  

Leave a comment if you have anything to add.

Make it a great day or not, the choice is YOURS!

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As a Professional Coach – my passion and strength is enabling others to achieve Results beyond what they believed possible. As the CEO and Founder of Trifecta Executive Coaching, based out of beautiful Texas, my expertise is in Transformational Coaching, Confidence building, Morale/Team Building, Sales Motivation, and Customer Service Excellence.  My goal is to have my client’s results prove that they are better with me than without me!  My clients achieve remarkable Results…

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