10 Ways to Avoid Ownership Burnout

stressreductionsOwning your own business is absolutely living the dream. However, there are times when this dream feels like a nightmare. Whether you are the owner of a big company or a one person show, you are responsible for everything! There have been many times where running my head into the wall seemed like a super option, but I knew that I would still have to work but now it would be with a knot on my head! Lunch time is a myth generally. Vacation is harder than ever to squeeze in. 9-5 is something that funny people talk about. Burnout is always knocking on my door to see if I will invite her in!

I grew up in a family owned business so I was trained very young what work ethic was. The business hours were 8-5 which meant I had to be there by 7:30 am and God forbid I left prior to 5:15 pm. While the employees were taking their two mandatory 15 minute breaks and hour lunch, we were in the warehouse stuffing envelopes or running machines. Needless to say, I wasn’t a fan of this place. Now, I am grateful that my Mom expected so much from me and my siblings because it did give me an excellent work ethic. It also gave me an idea of how I would never run my business! As far as being an excellent business owner and the best Mom ever, she is amazing, but with the hours, she was a loon! Now, she knows how stupid it was. Talk about burnout! Because of her, I know how to avoid burnout and am able to share with other business owners successful ways for them to avoid it as well (surprisingly, none of which include drugs or alcohol!).

10 ways to avoid Ownership burnout!

1. Know your whys – Your whys are the reasons that you started this venture. When you repeat your whys every single day, it will be a constant reminder that burnout is not an option. Your reasons are stronger than this temporary burnout feeling.

2. Laugh a lot – Whether it is just you or an office full of employees, make sure laughter is a part of everyday culture. When you are having fun at work, it is rare that you will burnout. It also brings up the morale throughout the entire company. Laughter is the best medicine for burnout. If you have gone all day without laughing, pull up a joke, ask somebody to tell a joke or a funny story, youtube a comedian… find the laughter and participate!

3. Sell for a profit – Make sure that you are not giving your services away for free. Nothing is more frustrating than busting your hump and breaking even or even losing money. You are in business for a profit. Burnout will invite itself into your house and open a coke if you are not cutting a profit! For me, I enjoy what I do very much, but let me tell you, when money isn’t coming in, I am not super psyched! I don’t quit or burnout because that isn’t me, but it could easily happen. You do not need to under bid your competition, you need to over value them and charge accordingly. Cutting a profit will be a big factor in not burning out!

4. Work when you have to and play when you can – Don’t be that person that does busy work so that it looks like you are VIP. If you have work to do, do it. If you have down time, use it for fun. As an owner, you have the choice of the time you are present. There is always something you could find to work on but sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to get out and let loose a bit. Go play a sport, see a movie, dance, read, walk…making time for fun will create less time for burnout.

5. Invest in yourself – Business owners should invest in their personal growth consistently. They are the top dog of this company and should set the example for others. By continually educating yourself on new methods, effective ways of leading, hiring a business coach, go to seminars, do something that will improve yourself. When you are growing, you will not burnout. This will keep you fresh and pumped to put into use the new methods you have learned.

6. Speak about your company – Tell people, anybody and everybody about your company, what you do, and why you do it. Obviously this is great marketing but in addition, it will keep you excited about it. We all think that we are brilliant and our product and/or service is phenomenal so go tell others! You cannot be excited and burned out at the same time.

7. Join a group of likeminded people – There is a plethora of avenues you can take to get involved in a group. You can look on the internet for business owner groups near you. There is Chamber of commerce, networking groups, Lions Club… These people will have something to offer you. By speaking with other people and hearing how they avoid burnout will help you as well. This is a super way to get and give advice.

8. Keep all thank you notes – What I do to not sink in the burnout sea, is to pin a few notes around my office from people thanking me for changing their lives. How can you burnout when what you do is helping so many others? You won’t, period. This is a great way to remind yourself that what you are doing matters.

9. Be grateful – Every time you are at a family event, remember that you are there because you are a business owner and have allowed yourself this free time. When other people are stuck punching a clock, be grateful that you are not. Be grateful that when there is a split in commission, it is you that receives the greater split. Be grateful that you had and have the courage to actively pursue your dreams. Be grateful that you are well prepared to fight burnout off when it comes knocking.

10. Help your community – Whether it is feeding people, clothing, educating, or coaching a team, simply get involved. Having the resources and the time to do these activities will constantly remind you that burnout is not an option. You are completely blessed to be able to participate and help others.

Every business owner goes through failures and successes, it is how you come out of it that defines you. You are stronger than you think and have more stay power than others have given you credit for. Nobody said the road of ownership was going to be easy, they just said it is worth it! You do what you do for a reason, don’t let a temporary feeling be the murderer of your goals! Leave the burnout for the burnouts! You got this! #business #entrepreneur #advice

Make it a great day or not, the choice is YOURS!

Why choose me as your Coach…?

As a Mother, Wife and successful Professional Coach – my passion is enabling others to achieve more than they believed possible. As the CEO and Founder of Trifecta Executive Coaching, based out of my adopted home State of Texas, my expertise in Transformational Coaching, Morale Building, Sales Motivation and Customer Service Brilliance means that the Results my clients achieve are remarkable…

It is my belief that we can all make the choice of living a Positive, Exceptional life – both personally and professionally, and I invite you to contact me to discuss how my Individual or Group Coaching Programs can help you, or how I can add value to your Event or Conference with a Keynote Presentation, Workshop or Seminar…

Choose to make it a Great Day every Day!

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