Want That Interview? Follow These Steps Before You Apply!

 completely understand that job hunting bites!  You feel like you are working so hard to land a job but it just isn’t working.  Obviously it is somebody else’s fault, right?  I read it all the time in comments of articles, people say recruiters are horrible and HR is useless.  Of course, I am reading these comments right after I disqualified a person that submitted his resume for an engineering position I am searching for which requires a degree in Chemical Engineering with 10 years of working experience of which this man had neither.  This is what we as recruiters go through daily.   Talk about frustration!  This is precisely the reason that businesses know a recruiters value.  98% of the applicants are disqualified because they did not follow the steps before they applied.  I promise you, we want you to be qualified, it makes our job easier and puts money in our pocket!  Although this information could potentially take money out of my pocket, I know the pre applying steps I am going to write about will increase your chances of getting the interview.

     Before you push send, make absolutely sure that you have checked off each of the following steps!

  • Read the job description twice – Read it once then get out your pen and check off that you actually have every requirement that is listed.  These are requirements, not desires.  If you do not have ALL requirements, move on to the next position that you are qualified for.  Your resume is not that good for the person reading it to bypass the fact that you are applying to an engineering position but have only been a floral arranger. (true story, happened to me).  Simple rule, if you are not qualified, do not apply.
  • Customize your resume – Per each position you are applying for, make sure to emphasize the skills you have that will apply to that position.  If you are applying for a construction position, nobody cares about your Mc Donald’s job at 16. They will care about your skills, tools, safety record, and what machines you can operate.  The skills that pertain to this exact position!  You should do this for every job you apply for.  
  • Simplify your resume – Speaking for myself, I do not use a program that eliminates people, I brief every resume that comes to me, then I eliminate or follow up.  I will not dissect your resume to try and figure out if you are qualified.  Make sure that you have your experience and skills easily identifiable on your resume.  Recruiters need to be able to find key words quickly, make it clear and let us see it.   If you are over the age of 50, simply list the last 10-15 years of experience.  You do not need to list the 42 jobs you have had since you were 15.  Keep it simple!
  • Ask for a second opinion  Ask a family member or friend to proof read your resume.  Get their opinion, they may see a mistake that you didn’t catch.  Rather they find it than the person deciding whether you should come interview.  People love to help, they will be happy to give it a look.
  • tumblr_n6nd6hhifY1rqpj9io1_500Spell & Grammar check – This is where I piss people off.  It blows my mind how people send a resume with misspelled words.  There is spell check for crying out loud!  (This is the point that people get out their microscope and check every word I have ever written to see if they can catch me with an error.  Guess what, I own my own business, not looking for a job!)  If you take the time to spell check, it will catch the obvious mistakes.  The reason it is so important is because it shows a lack of attention to detail (even though that was probably on your list of strong points).  This is so easily fixable, just do the leg work.
  • Do not list offensive emails – Sounds petty right?  I have seen the weirdest, absolutely obscene emails listed on a resume.  These are actually knock outs for me.  If your email is lilhitler1111@ or ladydestroyer@ you may be disqualified.  Again, sounds ridiculous but this is the information you need to know.  This is what you can avoid doing and get that interview.  Emails are free, pick a new one that you solely conduct business with.  Don’t worry, you can still have your friends reach you on your whackadoo email.
  • 3 pages is plenty – Of course, there is a rare exception to this rule.  For the other 99.999% of people, keep your resume to three pages or less.  Your resume should entice a conversation, not list your entire life.  For me, after the third page, I am humming cartoon themes in my head.  Rework it until it fits onto 3 pages at a readable font.
  • Make sure your contact info is correct and working – Make sure to have an email and phone number listed.  Double check and make sure they are correct.  You do not want to miss an opportunity because you put an incorrect number or email.   Nothing worse than hearing, “We tried calling you but this number is not working!”

This little bit of leg work will payoff in the end.  These are flaws that I see every day and really consider them easy fixes.  I wish you the best of luck in your search! #Recruitingandhiring #jobsearchadvice #Resumewriting #Resumeadvice #HR #Recruiter

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A bit about me – First and foremost I am a Wife to a funny man and Mother to two awesomely sarcastic boys. I was born and raised in The San Fernando Valley, CA and moved to Texas eight years ago. I plan on remaining in this amazing State I now call home! I am the owner of Trifecta Executive Placement & Coaching, located in Magnolia Texas. My expertise is in Motivational Speaking/Coaching/Leading, Recruiting, Sales motivation, increasing customer service satisfaction, and company morale. I believe strongly in making the choice to live a positive life, and do so by making it a great day, every day! My mission is to use my gifts to rise up other’s higher than they ever believed possible, by bringing out the awesomeness that has always been inside of them! I welcome you to contact me.

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