Salespeople & Recruiters – How to Work Together.



      There is nothing more frustrating for a salesperson in a staffing firm than coming back into the office and seeing a stack of job openings laying on a recruiters desk, which appear to be untouched!  For recruiters, there is nothing more frustrating than the salesperson acting as if the recruiter is not doing their job!  What we have here is a failure to communicate!

     When I was the BDM in a staffing firm, I would sell my butt off and when I would come back into the office, I would see my “money” laying on the desk (or wall).  This would drive me crazy!  For most of my employment there, I was a full desk sales/recruiter.  I would do it all myself because I knew that if needed, I would stay up all night and get what needed to be done completed.  Yes, I did fill the positions and sell, however, it created a negative vibe in our office.  I had explained what the positions required and who is a great candidate for the positions, but I never put faith in the fact that they could get it done.  

     I was frustrated, burning out, truly being a control freak, and flat out pissed off!  What I did is figured out where the lack of communication laid.  To me, I was explaining everything to where nobody on this planet would be able to misinterpret what I was saying.  To them, I was a know it all, that assumed they were lazy and stupid!  (I was dead on with a few).  In order for me to be available to sell more, I had to release my grip on the recruiting end of this business.  For the recruiters to recruit, I needed to get off their butts!  I came up with a very effective plan.  


1. Collaborate daily on unfilled positions.  Briefly discuss what the issues have been about filling them and come up with a few quick proactive steps.

2. Salespeople need to explain not only the position requirements, also the culture of the company we are recruiting for.  If communication is not top priority, you will fail in this industry.  The entire process is about communication.  Communicate about the company, the candidate, the struggles, the victories…   

3. Recruiters need to ask questions.  Salespeople rely on the Recruiters to be detail oriented and inquisitive.  Most Salespeople are already thinking three steps ahead of the current conversation, so when questions are asked, it brings us back to the current topic.  Ask questions that will be beneficial to a quick and accurate hiring.

4. Respect what one another does.  The reality is that we all make money once the positions get filled and nobody makes money if they do not get filled.  Never assume the other is not doing their job.  Always assume it is you and consistently look for ways to improve your team work.   

5. Celebrate victories!  This is a complete team effort and should be treated as such.  Let each other know that their hard work is appreciated.  


     Working together as a unit will bring the results that you want.  Eliminate the negative and focus on the positive and you will have a working wheel that constantly spins in the right direction!

Please tell me what works in your office!

Make it a great day or not, the choice is YOURS!

Thank you,

Debbie Dickerson


Trifecta Executive Placement and Coaching

@trifecta_coach (blog)

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