4 Reasons Why You Need to Play!

4 Reasons Why You Need to Play!

     We all spend so much of our time on our careers, figuring out what we need to do, how we need to do it, and when we need to do it by.  Getting caught up in work is easy, it’s untangling yourself that is sometimes the difficult part.  Thanks to modern technologies, carrying your work with you EVERYWHERE is possible, and I (just like most people I know) am guilty of doing just that.  The thing is that if you do not enjoy yourself and allow your family and friends to enjoy you, you are working for absolutely nothing!  I promise, your children will never remember the quarterly reports you did, but the impromptu water fight, they will never forget!

   I have compiled 4 reasons why you need to play.  What made me desire to write about this topic is thinking about how many marriages end up in divorce, how many people die without really living!  How many children grow up missing out on playing with their “I’m too busy parent’s”  (Don’t make me bust out in “Cats in the cradle”.  

     1. Families that play together stay together –  Stop whatever you are doing, put your phone, laptop, iPad, whatever is distracting you, down.  Turn off the t.v. and focus on playing with your family (age does not matter).  Be as goofy as possible and encourage your spouse and kids to do the same.  Nobody in their right mind wants to be married to a computer, this reminds your spouse why he/she is with you.  Children that see parents playing together grow up with a wonderful image of marriage.  Play with your family!  After all, they are the reason we work so hard! 

     2. There is plenty of time for sleep when you are dead –  Clearly, I am not suggesting you don’t sleep, I am suggesting not considering sleep part of your play time.  Every now and again, lose yourself in a game and don’t worry about the time.  Stay out late, turn on the flood lights and finish a game of h.o.r.s.e.  It will not kill you if you do not get 8 hours of sleep every single night (I am not responsible if it does happen to kill you).

     3. Playing clarifies your focus – Nothing works better to regain focus than playing.  I am talking about the kind of playing that leaves you dripping with sweat, gasping for your breath, and starving!  Play at least as equally hard as you work.  Nobody can stay focused on just work.  Let your mind rejuvenate.  There are times that I go blank on a question that I know the answer to, but can not catch my thoughts! (Let the blonde jokes begin).  That is when I know it is time for me to change my focus from work to play.  This works every time without fail for me.  I am much more focused and ready to productively work.  

     4. You are alive! – Playing reminds us that we are alive.  We are vibrant and fun.  Nothing feels more like living than going all out, pushing your body and mind to the limits.  There is going to be a time that we can not physically do what we can today and the worst thing would be to wish you did it when you had the chance!  

     This simple blog was written just to remind everybody to make time for fun.  You deserve it, your family deserves it, and your future deserves it! #Entrepuneur #Family #Fun #Businesstips #Focus #Playing.  

What do you do for fun?  Hobbies?  Family time?

Make it a great day or not, the choice is YOURS!

Debbie Dickerson

Trifecta Executive Placement and Coaching




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