ImageRemember getting spanked or grounded for doing something you were not supposed to be doing? When you broke a toy and had to live without it…forever! Remember when you slacked off at work and got fired, because you were a slacker? Will our kids have these same memories? I really don’t think so, and that scares the hello kitty out of me!

Accountability – the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility. If you follow my blogs and comments, you know I am not really big on being politically correct, nor do I put too much emphasis on feelings. To me, accountability is the most if not one of the top two most important qualities or traits a person can have. So what in the world happened to it? When did it become acceptable to weasel your way out of everything by throwing your friend or coworker under the bus? When did missing work to deal with a break up become o.k.? At what point did both parents have to go to every checkup for lil Timmy and companies are supposed to fully support this? How many chances does one person get at the same job? This has become an epidemic of great proportion. Where does it start? AT HOME, DUH!

I played competitive soccer and softball growing up and the difference in what the parents say today as to when I played is night and day! If my head was still connected to my spine, I was expected to dominate. If one of us girls fell down, we were actually expected to get up and continue playing. Walk it off was our Advil. Too cold was never a conversation because my coach was happy to throw us a bottle of Icy Hot (that warms you up very quickly)! If I played lousy, I was told I played lousy and I better pull my head out of my butt before the next match. I was never congratulated for mediocrity or losing. I wasn’t happy when I lost, but I got over it (after a few hours) and learned from it. What does this have to do with accountability? Everything. We were not permitted to give excuses or take the easy road. We were held accountable for every action we did or did not take. We were expected to put the work in at practice and leave it all on the field during a game. If we (any one of us) goofed off, we ran and ran and ran. This is the lesson that sports are supposed to give you, and it worked. These putrid lessons of everybody wins, everybody is phenomenal just for showing up, nobody keeps score, is the reason we have a lack of accountability issue today!

In today’s world, you hear parents congratulate their lazy, finger pointing kids all the time for barely putting forth an effort. Heaven forbid lil Timmy should break a sweat! During baseball games, I have seen 10-13 year old kids yell at their coach and throw their gear. The part that made me ill was the Dad sat there while the Mom went to comfort her nasty brat. If that was one of my boys, I would have snatched them up by their neck and made sure that they were benched for the rest of the game, and then the week long lecture on why that behavior is unacceptable and will never happen again. But lil Timmy was up to bat that inning, with no consequences to his actions. Welcome the birth of the non-accountable!

So what’s the big deal about accountability? It is the difference between being a key team member and being a cancer to the team. Everybody reading this fits into one of those categories. You are either accountable for your work load and more or you are a cancer. People that hold them self accountable will first point the finger inward, and then figure out the problem. The others will have their fingers and toes pointing in every direction except toward them self. I have seen it and it is horrible. It always comes full circle though, so pointers beware!Image

You know you are a finger pointer when…

1. When confronted by authority, your knee jerk reaction is to blame somebody else.

2. You have 50 reasons why you messed up, but zero ways to fix the problem.

3. You worry more about what others are doing than yourself.

4. When the promotion never quite makes it to you.

5. When you blame not getting promoted on “office politics” instead of your lack of effort.

5 ways to becoming accountable…

1. Take the credit for everything you accomplish or fall short on.

2. Understand that everything that happens to you is created by you.

3. You and only you can make or break you.

4. Stop settling for the bare minimum. Go for gold! Do your work and then some.

5. Never buy into the “under paid and over worked” crock of crap! If that is the case, it is because you have positioned yourself that way, nobody else put you there.

How has the issue of accountability played a role in your life? Experience with yourself, co-workers, relatives, friends… Please share!

Make it a great day or not, the choice is YOURS!

Debbie Dickerson

Trifecta Executive Placement and Coaching



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