What are your main ingredients for success?

   Image  I have always said that the most wonderful dishes are discovered out of desperation and creativity.  Success isn’t much different!  There is not a black & white description of success, it varies from person to person.  For some, success is being able to pay their bills and have enough money left over to take their family to the theater.  Other’s consider success having a 50 year marriage.  Then there is the achieving a certain income goal that defines success for some.  The beauty is that success is obtainable for all because it means something different to each person and can change hourly/daily/annually.

     For me, success has had different meanings throughout my life.  As a child, success meant to be selected to the All-Star team.  As a teenager it meant overcoming my Dad’s death, making the Olympic Development team, and keeping my grades up.  As a young adult it meant to be the best Mommy I could be, make enough money to pay the bills, and further my education.  Right now, success is still being the best Mommy I can be, being the person that motivates me, my family, my friends, my candidates, and my clients!  Do I consider myself successful?  Heck yea I do!  Do I stress out at times?  Heck yea I do!  Would I change any part of my life?  Heck no I would not!

     Although reaching success changes with each goal, I have a few main ingredients that are required each and every time!

                    1. Make it a great day or not, the choice is mine!  This saying is the first main ingredient for me to be successful.  It places complete accountability on my attitude and my perspective.

                    2. Attack plan.  Having an attack plan is my priority list to accomplish said goal.  If you are like me, your mind will jump from work, to blueberries, to Santa Claus.  Without a plan, I am all over the board!

                   3.  Integrity.  Integrity is what keeps me doing the right thing no matter what.  There are always short cuts and easier routes to success, but as we all know they rarely end up being smarter and long lasting!  Doing the right thing has longevity and lets me sleep well and wake up positive!

                   4.  Heart.  To me, working and playing with heart is the difference between good and phenomenal!  Leave it all on the field, whatever I am striving for!  Heart is what sends shivers down my spine when I hear mediocrity is acceptable!

                   5. Determination.  This is my last ingredient but is a make or break one.  Determination means to me that there is no other option but to succeed.  Nothing less will do! 

     In today’s world there seems to be an epidemic of entitlement.  People feel like success should be given to them, they are owed it!  Should step out of college into an executive roll and be paid top dollar.  They should be given time to Facebook, hang out with their friends, and have ample time for their spouse.  God forbid they work past 8 hours!  How dare that mean boss not acknowledge publicly every single accomplishment they make.  Guess what? There are no shortcuts worth taking.  This type of personality has no perseverance!  They will not have longevity anywhere because they lack main ingredients.  They are completely replaceable, like a table!

         What are your main ingredients for success?  How have these ingredients helped you to achieve your goals?

Make it a great day or not, the choice is YOURS!

Thank you,

Debbie Dickerson

Trifecta Executive Placement and Coaching



Trifectaexecutivecoach.com (blog)


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