Mean what you say, say what you mean!

There are certain words and phrases that drive me nutso! Words are overused and mean nothing if untrue and not followed with actions!                   

There are certain words people barf up that drives me insane. Being in sales my whole life, I find it hard to let people speak without being accountable for what they are saying. Prime example; Yesterday a bug man was selling door to door and came up to my property. I am always kind and willing to listen because door to door sales is hard and it takes a lot of courage to approach a potential customer. His whole pitch is filled with bullshit and I start squirming in my chair. He can only offer this amount because lucky for me, my neighbors (he names their names, which irritates me) have agreed to have him start the service on Friday at 11 am. All I am thinking is no way in the world I will use him; he will tell everybody else my business! He continues his ramble; I asked him the rates and if they come out in-between if needed. He says yes, that is free. FREE! I replied well not free, you mean included. Two sentences later he says free again! That’s when I handed him my complimentary drink and said thank you. (I hope somebody gets the Nightshift movie reference!) Free should have no attachments if truly free. UGH!

“I’ll let you do this” literally makes me want to throat punch the person! As if it is some big honor to have somebody let you carry a heavy box, call an unsatisfied client, work up a quote… They will “let you” is ridiculous. This is the easiest fix ever. Change the sentence from “I’ll let you” to “Would you please”. Holy cow, what a difference in response you would get. Instead of “go fu@$ yourself” you would probably get an “absolutely”.

Aside from “I love you” (which I won’t even think about getting into), “sorry” has to be the most over used word! Sorry is one of the most powerful words somebody can say, if actually meant! Sorry should be followed up with, it won’t happen again. When people think the word sorry is a cure-all and say it just to release them from the uncomfortable conversation is when it irritates me. People make mistakes, that is not the problem. It is saying sorry then repeating the same mistake! “Sorry you lost your job!”

These are just a few of the spine pinching words and phrases that I wanted to vent about. I would love to hear which words and phrases makes you think how long the jail term would be on assault and is it worth it!

Mean what you say and say what you mean! Make it a great day or not, the choice is YOURS!

Debbie Dickerson

Trifecta Executive Placement & Coaching


@trifecta_coach (twitter) (blog)

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