Don’t be a dick!

I am a practitioner and preacher of being an inspirational positive person. Everyday when I wake up, I make the choice to be happy and spread happiness. Someday’s it is harder than others to live my choice but I fight through it and am blessed with a new start the next day! I am sarcastic, blunt, and have the patience of a gnat, but am never a dick to people.

Everyday we hear about power hungry, degrading people. Sometimes it is a boss, family member, “friend”, or a stranger. Huge difference between having a bad day and being known for being a dick! I feel sorry for this type of person, it is a sign of complete insecurity and sadness. Because of my lack of a mute button, I have not had this type of person in my life for any extended amount of time. I do see other people having to deal with these people and my choke and shake instinct kicks in. Luckily I am scared to death of jail and would not ever want to be there, so I refrain from choking or shaking anybody! Why are certain people dick’s? My answer is because they are allowed to be!

Are you allowing somebody to be a dick to you? Before you answer, think about it. Have you ever told this person how it makes you feel? Have you ever told them to never speak to you in that tone again? Have you ever told them that you will not ever allow them to treat you in this manner again? O.k, now answer.

If you are the person known for being a dick; have you ever wondered why you have to pay a tow truck to get your car off the road when stuck? Wonder why only your Mom calls to see how you are doing? Why you are invited to happy hour only because you pay the bill? What a horrible way to live! Good news is that you too can change! How you ask? Effective immediately, chose to be kind. This will surprise the heck out of the people you deal with! Take some time and ask yourself why you treat people the way you do. You are an adult now and your childhood is over, let any negatives go and start new today. Remember to be grateful for everything you have. Treat people in a way that they will want to be around you, not avoid you! How awesome will it be when people are talking about how different you are and how you used to be such a dick!

When faced with an issue, always chose kindness. People respond much better when spoken to in a respectful manner. It not only makes them feel good, it will make you feel good too!

Make it a great day or not, the choice is YOURS!

Debbie Dickerson

Trifecta Executive Placement and Coaching


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