The Human relationship!

     We live in a time where it is so easy to build a “relationship” without actually hearing one another’s voice or seeing their face.  I speak with people often that have numerous local clients that they have never made a visit with.  Some have never even spoken on the phone.  We don’t see our clients, we see their websites.  We don’t shake their hand; we send a lame smiley face!  So much is lost when we remove human touch from our daily lives. 

     I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and on many occasions my parents went to client gatherings, Bar Mitzvahs’, weddings, funerals.  They were invited because they had a connection that was deeper than the monthly invoice.  Whether on the phone or in person, each client knew that they were thought about.  It did not matter how much business each person gave us, it was the fact that it was us they gave it to! 

     Every day I spend the majority of my time online in some form.  Often, I communicate with my clients via email and text but there will not be an extended period of time that I let pass without calling or stopping by.  I happen to enjoy my clients and like reminding them why they spend their money on me.  There is a huge difference between writing LOL and hearing the funny laughs each other has.  A hug or a handshake will never be replaced with something you read/write. 

     Social media is amazingly awesome but not a relationship replacement.  Enhancer, most definitely but not a replacement!  Use it to share and receive ideas, make new contacts that will lead to a sit down, have in-between meetings conversations, but never use it as your only way of bonding with your clients!   God forbid somebody writes better than you, your client will be gone!

     Make it a great day or not, the choice is YOURS!

Debbie Dickerson

Trifecta Executive Placement and Coaching (blog site)

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