The art of listening

How often do you find yourself thinking of the next thing you want to say to somebody instead of truly listening to what they are saying?  Most honest people’s answer is often!  Guess what?  You are missing out on the answers you are looking for!  You ask questions then you speak over their answers.  Most people are unaware that they do this until they make it a point to listen.

I am a people person.  I grew up in sales; I have a love and passion for it.  I believe it is a gift that I was born with and was lucky enough to have some amazing people spend time to groom me into a professional.  Along the “grooming” track, I was predominately a babbling, bumbling fool.  I have always been able to speak with anybody of any race, income, age, and religion.  Speaking wasn’t the problem, listening was!  Thank God I have enough charisma to stop people from physically pushing me out of their office, or I promise they would have!  I would leave a sales call exhausted and feel like I truly worked hard!  I was exhausted from the nonstop babbling I did.  I worked hard but not smart!  After many years of training myself, I still talk a lot (many people will vouch for this), but now I listen as much if not more that I speak.  I immediately noticed a huge difference in the outcome as well as client satisfaction.  I was able to hear what my clients wanted without them having to say it, repeat it, and repeat it again!  Oh happy day!





How can you master the art of listening you ask?  This method can and should be used in every aspect of your life.  Business and personal relationships will flourish if you apply this (self-proclaimed) brilliant method!

Follow and repeat:

Step 1.  Ask question

Step 2. Stop speaking

Step 3. Listen to the answer

Step 4. Ask a question regarding their answer

This may feel uncomfortable at first, get over it and deal with it until it becomes comfortable.  The payoff is awesome!

Make it a great day or not, the choice is YOURS!

Debbie Dickerson

Trifecta Executive Placement and Coaching

936-244-0615 (blog site)

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