Truth or Dare?

Remember playing truth or dare as a kid?  Heartbeat pounding out of your chest, hands sweaty, wondering if you will have the guts to choose dare!  It is your turn, you see your crush and know that if you pick dare, for sure you will be dared to kiss the person that you have wanted to kiss for the whole school year but have not found the courage.  You smile and say with a shaky voice, DARE!  It is the moment of truth now.  You said dare, you made the choice to brave it out so no matter what you are going to have this kiss now!  Best kiss ever (Until the next one, of course!)

Imagine if you played truth or dare as an adult, not for kisses but to conquer your fears.  Would you be as brave as when you were a teenager?  Would you stand behind your integrity and go through with your dare?  I bet most of us would be more likely to take risks and try new things if we were dared to do so.  “I dare you to ask for the raise you have earned” or “I dare you to complete ten more sales calls a day.”  Sounds lame right?  It is the truth though.  Why do we need this outside challenge to do what we want to do anyway? 

Practical exercise:  I DOUBLE DARE YOU TO COMPLETE THIS!!!

  • List three dares for you.  i.e.; I dare you to start your own company.  I dare you to get healthy…
  • List three truth questions for you. i.e.; What scares me about starting my own company?  What does healthy look like?…

 I would like to hear your results please.

Make it a phenomenal day!

Debbie Dickerson

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