How true to you are you?

This Dr. Seuss quote is so powerful and spot on!   Take an inventory of whom surrounds you and place them into the “those that mind” and “those that don’t mind” categories.  Why do you have people in your direct life that have a problem with you being you?  What positive attribute do they shower you with?  This is not an easy activity to complete but it is necessary in order for you to truly be happy with you.  You don’t have to wash your hands of these people, just keep them at arms length.  Make room for positive feelings and behaviors by ridding of the negative acceptance.

Look at the “those that don’t mind” column and thank God that these people have been placed in your life!  Make sure that if they made a list, you would end up in this same column.

Always remember how awesome you are, just the way you are right now!


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