Who the f@ck are you?


  Everybody at some point in their life has looked in the mirror and wondered who the fuck was staring back at them!  It’s that point in between working your butt off and waking up like its Groundhog Day, every day!  That numbing feeling of I have become a societal robot.  Urgh, we get so lost in the day to day routine that we forget to be our self, originals!

I have had weeks where every morning when I wake up, I literally feel like it is second verse same as the first.  Get up, drag myself into the shower, wake the kids to get ready for school, make breakfast, take kids to school, work, dinner, sleep, repeat!  Until I look in the mirror and say who the fuck are you?  This is Mrs. Positive, Mrs. Motivator, Mrs. Blah blah… Snap out of it!  This is when I thank God that I am a crude, blunt person that is not afraid to get in my own face!  We all get into this mode; it is how quickly you get out of it that matters!

There are a few easy ways to put a fire under your butt to snap out of this blah pattern.

  1. First thing you do every single morning is say what you are thankful for.  Add something new every day!   This reminds you why you are you.
  2. Stop rushing.  If you need to wake up a little earlier to be able to breathe and enjoy, then get up earlier!  It is alone time and Lord knows that is precious and rare.
  3. Change your routine.  If you drink coffee, change to tea (you get the point).  Little changes make a big difference.
  4. Laugh!  A fake laugh becomes real as soon as you realize what a geek you are fake laughing!  It sounds ridiculous, try it, it works!
  5. Look in the mirror and say, “This is who the fuck you are!”

If you have other methods of overcoming this blah, please share!

Make it a great day or don’t.  The choice is YOURS!

Debbie Dickerson

Trifecta Executive Placement and Coaching


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