Is Your Team Pumped?

Is your team pumped?

Every leader should be figuring out new ways to keep their team pumped!  Sounds easy?  It is the furthest thing from easy, believe me!  Some days it feels like the team is comprised of 11th graders (and this goes for the entire spectrum of job levels).  Gossip, sex, breakups, feelings…  It takes an actual leader to pull off a successful team.

I have a list of 5 crucial components that must be communicated in order to have a pumped/successful team. (There is more, but these 5 are the spine)

1. Save the drama for your Mama!  Problems from home do not come to work.  This is our drama free zone!

2. Everybody on the team needs to completely understand their role in achieving said goal.

3. Everybody will have an opinion but only the leader will pull the trigger when the time comes, and ultimately it will be the leaders call.

4. Accountability is not a theory.  Each person will be directly responsible for their achievements and failures.

5. It will be a victory or loss for the entire team, as one.

I have found that being direct and clear is the best way to get my team pumped!

What do you do to get your team pumped?

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