Take control for crying out loud!




     There is nothing as freeing or imprisoning as what goes on inside your head!  I am a super simple type of person, I say you either do or you do not.  You are a positive person or you are not a positive person.  You are a nice person or you are not a nice person.  I don’t think you can half do any of the fore mentioned.  It would be like saying Hitler was a great man, he was always so nice to me.  I don’t know what the 6 million Jews did to him but hey great guy to me!  The fact is that even though somebody is nice to you, if they are not nice to others then they are not a nice person.  Turn that saying onto yourself and you now have accountability!  If you call yourself a nice person, BE one!  If you call yourself a doer, BE one!  If you want to be a positive person, only allow positive thoughts and positive people in your life!

     Internal freedom comes solely from accountability.  Once you make the choice to own your life (the successes, failures, ups, downs) you make the choice to be in control and responsible for your actions!  Taking the power out of other’s hands and grasping it with your own is amazing!  True power! 

     Here are a few ways that you can hold yourself accountable:

  1. When you succeed, congratulate yourself.  If you fail, figure out where you went wrong and move toward fixing it.
  2. Make a short term goal and achieve it, no matter what it takes.
  3. Say daily affirmations; what you are grateful for every day.
  4. Be nice to everybody.  Smiles are free and speak the universal language.
  5. Compliment yourself and others.

These exercises will help with taking control of your own actions and in making the world a bit nicer!

Life is meant to be amazing.  Cut the puppet strings and live your life, the exact way you want to (unless you are a whacko, then live it according to the law)!

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Debbie Dickerson

Trifecta Executive Placement and Coaching



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