Why worry? Sometimes you just have to say f*@k it!

Why worry?  Sometimes you just have to say f*@k it!

Just like most of you, I would worry about things that I could not change.  The burning stomach, waking up in the middle of the night, irritability… surprisingly, none of the fore mentioned resolved my problems.  The action that did lead to change was implementing the F*@K it plan!

Saying F*@k it didn’t resolve all my problems but it did clear the way for positive action.  Worrying simply slows the process down.  Negative attracts negative and worrying is a negative thought.     “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.” 
Corrie ten Boom 

Worrying about paying your Electric bill is not going to make the money appear magically.  F*@k it!  All the wasted time worrying about it could have been spent in actions that lead to making the money needed.  You can have a pity party for yourself, however, I don’t know about you but my electric company doesn’t accept tears as a form of payment (yes, I have tried).

Actions you can implement are:

  1. 1.       Say F*@k it and swing into positive action mode
  2. 2.     Take a step toward actually fixing the problem
  3. 3.     Believe in yourself and your desires
  4. 4.     Think of the problem as if it is already rectified
  6. 6.     Stay in a forward motion until you achieve what needs achieving.
  7. 7.     Remain in control of your outcome

There is a fabulous series of books by Esther Hicks and Abraham Hicks starting with The Law of Attraction.  This Author has an amazing way of putting life into perspective.  I have read many of their books and enjoy and learn from each one.  I would suggest it to anybody that is proactive in their own life.

I have come to associate worrying as basically sitting still with my head lodged up my butt.  Life becomes so much more manageable and enjoyable when you just say F*@k it and move forward!

Debbie Dickerson

Trifecta Executive Placement and Coaching



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