The gift of confidence!

Confidence is not inherent!  It is a learned behavior and is strengthened by repetition.  Confidence, in my opinion is the 2nd most important quality a person can have, kindness being #1.  I am a believer in creating confident kids but even products of parents that weren’t able to give their kids the gift of confidence can learn to be confident.

There are a few easy behaviors that will increase your confidence by a noticeable amount.

  1. Stand up straight and walk with your head up.  This sounds very small but it matters.  Look around today and take notice to the way people walk.  You will easily be able to notice the people that appear confident. 
  2. Look at people in their left eye when speaking to them.  This is a sign of honesty and confidence.  It feels awkward at first but it creates a very strong sense of confidence!  This also prevents you from looking down or away from people when speaking to them.  (I am a person that does not trust people that cannot look into my eyes).
  3. Speak up!  Stop mumbling, stop swallowing your words, project your voice so that you are understood and heard.  If it is important enough to be said, it is important enough to be heard by others. 
  4. Smile!  Does not matter if you only have one tooth or a beautiful set of teeth.  Smiling is the most contagious, beautiful gesture humans can give.  It creates an instant conversation opener, people let their guard down, and most will smile back.  Smiling is free; give it away to as many people as possible.  You may be increasing their confidence too!

If you implement these 4 very simple behaviors, you will grow your confidence.  They don’t have to be done all at once, but each day, implement more and more. 

Confidence is not something anybody else can give or take from you.  It is yours!  Give yourself the gift of confidence; it will be the best present you ever get!

 If you have questions or comments, please contact me.  I look forward to hearing success stories!

Thank you,

Debbie Dickerson

Trifecta Executive Coaching



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