Three types of people

If your closest friends/colleagues were asked, which number would they say you fall under?
Throughout my experience, I have come in contact with multiple members of each of the three mentioned groups. I learned what I want to achieve, when to shut my big mouth (still in progress), and what I never want to be!
#1–Those that do – These are the people that stand out from the rest. #1’s seek ways to consistently better themselves. Whether that means hiring a career coach, reading innovative articles, or just listening to random people speak. No excuses, solely accountable for their actions, and are what I like to call the “Weeble Woobles” of society. (If you are 35 or older you will get that). You may hit them, but they won’t stay down! I consider myself in this category. I was raised to be in this category! Excuses were grounds for either an ass whooping or a long, long lecture. It was a tossup to which I would have preferred! Now, I thank God that my parents demanded this of me/us. As a favor to my kids, I also demand the same!
#2 – Those that say they do but do not – These are the people that bad mouth everybody else for either over or under achieving. We all know this type of person, but not many would claim to be “this” person. Appearance is everything and reality is a place solely lived in their heads. This type of person has an excuse for everything, oddly that never includes fault at them! When a person says they have completed or are in the process of completing an assignment, only to find out that they have only completed a lame Facebook status, it tends to throw a wrench into production! This personality flaw is easily corrected! I have worked with many people that fall unto this category and the common factor is a lack of confidence. As their Coach, I saw huge, positive change within a short period of time.
#3 – Those that do not – There is something to be said for honesty. This person has zero ambition, just wants to make enough for a 40 oz. and possibly a bong load. At least with this type of person, you know what to expect. They require little, complain a lot, but do the grunt work that the “can do” do not have time to complete. Personally, I would rather somebody tells me nope they didn’t do the task than have to investigate and waste time finding out that the task was not completed. This type of person, once they decide they want more out of life is such a fun and easy fix!
The good news! Whichever category you fit into at this very moment, you can improve yourself. You can reroute your thoughts and actions with very simple, daily adjustments. I have yet to meet anybody that desired change in their lives that I could not assist with positive Coaching! A dream is just a thought until put into action!
Take an honest look at yourself. Which type are you (as of today)? What do you think would happen if you decided to seek guidance from a Professional Career/Life Coach? If you are ready to make a proactive change in your career/life, I can partner with you and give you the tools you need to be the kick ass person you desire to be!
You are only a failure if you stay down!
Thank you,
Debbie Dickerson
Trifecta Executive Coaching

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