10 Facts Everybody Needs to Know About Confidence

Many of you know that I am a Life Enhancing Coach and Author, many of you have no idea who I am or what I do, and of course one or two of you couldn’t care less!  One of my specialties is helping people become more confident in themselves.  Confidence is a real game changer and at one time or another, everybody struggles with their confidence.  You are supposed to struggle with confidence at times, that is how you will grow stronger as an individual!  It is never the struggle that holds anybody down, it is ALWAYS their reaction to the struggle that creates the result.  One thing I have noticed is that confidence has a different meaning, a different look, and a different feeling for each individual.  I ask every client of mine to define confidence and have yet to receive a cookie cutter answer!

Many of my clients struggle with the same general confidence issues, but it means something different to each of them, and gaining more confidence also means something different to each person.  Women generally struggle with a lack of confidence in speaking up in a professional setting, asking for what they want both professionally and personally, if they are smart enough, pretty enough, sexy enough, they feel a lack of confidence in being enough of a woman to succeed both professionally and personally (as a wife and mother), feeling worthy.  Men generally struggle with a lack of confidence in feeling smart enough, asking for what they want professionally and personally, interaction with women both professionally and personally, respect, feeling desirable, feeling manly enough (personally).  As a coach, I have seen my clients lives improve entirely because they have taken the time and put the work in on themselves.  When you gain confidence in one area of your life, it spreads throughout the rest of you and will begin to leave no room for self-doubt or doubt from others.  Imagine yourself confidently walking into work and clearly communicating to others what you want from them.  Imagine that same scenario in your private life…the result probably looks very similar!  When you are confident, you get the results you are looking for, because why would you stop until you do?

There are many misconceptions about confidence, i.e.; you are cocky, arrogant, rude, snobby…Those words will never have anything to do with confidence.  The only people that refer to confident people with those negative words are people that struggle with confidence themselves.  A confident person is secure in themselves, a cocky person is not.  There are plenty of misconceptions but let’s focus on the facts.  I have 10 facts about confidence that I live, coach, and have seen proven time and time again.  If you stick to the facts, you will gain the understanding of what confidence means to you and how you can begin increasing yours!

 10 Facts Everybody Needs to Know About Confidence

1. Confidence is not about pride, it is about believing in yourself.  Feeling proud is the result of acting with confidence.

2. Confidence is a learned habit.  People are not born with it, they are taught confidence, how to gain it and how to show it.  Everybody is capable of learning to gain confidence!

3. Money will never buy confidence.  Confidence is neither for purchase nor for sale.  It is an intangible resource that will be your success or your failure, depending on if you choose to gain confidence or live with a lack of confidence.

4. Only you can choose to be confident or not.  Nobody else on this planet can give it or take it from you.  Confidence is your choice.

5. Confidence is contagious!  The people you surround yourself with will rub off on you, like it or not.  They can’t make your confident or take it from you but because we are humans, we tend to mold into those we surrounds ourselves with.  Make the conscience choice to surround yourself with very confident people and limit your time with people that lack it.  Remember, everybody around you is going to catch what you have…give them a great contagion to catch.

6. People feel your confidence.  Like wild animals, humans sense whether somebody is confident or scared.  Look at bullies for example.  The bully will target an obviously weaker person and pounce on them.  The person being bullied lacks the confidence to push back (by push back I mean knock the snot out of the bully or minimally confront them).  I hear about these situations in the workplace with adults as much as I do with kids.  People will approach you exactly how you train them to do so.  I have never been approached in a demeaning way because from first sight of me, they know that I am not the type of person that will accept that type of hogwash!  When you project your confidence, you will receive that same level of respect. Look around today and notice the interaction between your co-workers, family members, and friends…you will see the difference in every situation.

7. Confidence never runs out.  There is a never ending supply of confidence that is always waiting for you to dip in and grab some more.  If you made some bad decisions, were/are in an unhealthy relationship, feel unworthy, feel ugly…  Jump into your confidence reserve and fill up.  You cannot mess up too much, it is just waiting for you to restock each and every time!

8. Confidence knows no difference in weight, skin color, religion, sexual preference, physical ability, education level, income bracket (classification that is placed on society), or the past!  Confidence is yours for the taking.  It will love you, cherish you, and hold your crown on your head even when it is temporarily hanging down!  Confidence is the true meaning of equal opportunity!

9. Confidence is self-freedom.  Confidence will give you the courage to take risks, to take the actions needed to ACHIEVE your goals, to approach that person you have been wanting to approach (spouses included), will give you the knowledge that the person you are staring at in the mirror is flippin gorgeous, sexy, smart, fun, and totally desirable!  Confidence will make you never question yourself again solely based on what other people say or do.

10. Confidence is your game changer!  When you choose to be confident, even if you have to make that choice numerous times a day…your life will never be the same.  Confidence in yourself will improve your personal life as well as your professional life.  Confidence gives you the belief in yourself that propels a love for yourself that will no longer allow you or anybody else to treat you with anything less than awesomeness!

Whatever your confidence level is, right now is a great time to increase it.  Take some time for yourself that will result in being a better person than you were yesterday.  Stop living a life that doesn’t make you tingle with excitement.  Be bold, be heard, be felt, be confident!  The world needs amazing people, we are at our quota of mediocrity!  Go be the amazing person you were born to be!  #inspiration #confidence

I would love to hear your additions to this list! Thank you for reading, commenting, liking, and sharing.

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